Photo Wallet Firmware .99.9 Update

Click here to Download 99.9

How to Install Photo Wallet FirmWare .99.9

There is no limit to what the (3) control buttons on our Photo Wallet can do, when updated with new firmware. (Which we will be doing from time to time)

   To load new firmware updates onto your Photo Wallet, you simply take the emailed or downloaded (3) three files (i) Setup.cmd (ii) Ram.bin & (iii) VC_logo and save them "unzipped" to a blank CompactFlash card thru a USB or Parallel port reader/writer. You can purchase a reader/writer for $29.99 to $79.99 directly from us or from one of the many different brands that are sold thru retail channels nationally.

   Once the files you downloaded are "unzipped" saved onto the blank CompactFlash card, insert that CompactFlash card into your Photo Wallet and turn it on. (Make sure your batteries are fresh, or your Photo Wallet is plugged into your AC adapter, before loading your new firmware) Watch the Photo Wallets 4" Dia. LCD screen for the following details.

First it will read:

Set_rom_address bfc00000
load _code_image RAM.BIN

45 seconds later, it will then read:

load_jpeg_image 1 VC_logo
Remove setup card
and reset Wallet

Now take that CompactFlash card out and turn your Photo Wallet off. Your new updated Photo Wallet firmware is now loaded.

We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by not following the above instructions properly. All customer service problems go to (631) 547-7057, or email us at

Our new version .99.9 Photo Wallet Firmware update here includes all features basic and advanced.
1. Basic button functions as purchased
2. Added Timer adjustments features
3. Added Image Groupings features
4. Added Pan & Zoom features

The following is a detailed explanation of how to use your new features.

Your new .99.9 version Photo Wallet update implements a basic setup menu feature. To get into the setup menu, hold the FWD button in and double click the BACK button (or hold the BACK button in and firmly double click the FWD button) This will get you into the menu screen. Once in the menu screen use the FWD to move the highlighter down and the BACK button to move up through the menu. Use the VIEW button to select the currently highlighted menu item. Same procedure is used when in each added menu you open.


Feature #1 "Timer Settings"

   At this time you may set the SLEEP TIMER (the time the wallet will wait idle before entering a low power battery saver state), the POWER OFF TIMER (the time the unit will wait after going to sleep before turning off), or the SLIDE SHOW DELAY TIMER (the delay between pictures in presentation mode).

   Use the FWD button (press or hold) to increase the value of a timer. Use the BACK button (press or hold) to decrease the value of a timer. Use the VIEW button (press only) to select the current value of a timer. Note that all timers may be turned off by holding the BACK button until the value counts down and says OFF.

   Once a value is set it will be remembered even after the unit is turned off then back on again.

Feature #2 "Image Grouping"

   Image grouping, as the name implies, allows particular images to be grouped together at the user's discretion. Groups are named by the user and may contain any number of images. Groups may be individually selected in which case only the images in that group will be displayed in full-view, thumbnail, and presentation modes. Image grouping may be turned on and off at will. When image grouping is turned off, all images on the compact flash card are shown, as was the case prior to implementation of this feature.

How it functions...

   Enter setup mode by holding FWD and double-clicking BACK. At all times, when in setup mode, the FWD/BACK buttons navigate through the various selections and the VIEW button chooses the current selection.

   Select "Image Settings" from the setup menu. Two choices are presented here; "Grouping" and "Group Name"

   Select "Grouping" to turn the image grouping feature ON or OFF. After selecting "Grouping" FWD/BACK scrolls through the choices OFF and ON. Press VIEW to select.

   Select "Group Name" to create groups and/or enable a particular group. Two options are possible from the "Group Name" sub-menu (1) create a new group (2) edit an existing group.

   Group names are listed after the "New Group" menu choice. The list of names will vary with each CompactFlash card that has had groups created for it.

   Create a new group by selecting "New Group". Here, the user may specify the group name. A cursor is shown for each character of the group name. Press FWD/BACK to scroll through the alpha-numeric character choices. Press VIEW to select the current choice. The cursor moves to the next character position after each time VIEW is selected. Pressing VIEW while the cursor is shown causes the end of user input and the new group is then created.

   Edit an existing group name by highlighting it on the menu. Press VIEW once to select ON, OFF, or DELETE. As before, FWD/BACK scroll through these choices and VIEW selects the current choice.

   Add or remove images from the group by double-clicking VIEW when a group name is highlighted. Each image on the compact flash card is shown along with it's numeric ID and either the word ADD or SKIP. ADD indicates that the image is to be included in the group. SKIP indicates that the image is not to be included in the group. In this mode, FWD/BACK scroll through the list of all images contained on the compact flash card. VIEW toggles the ADD/SKIP state for each image. When done adding or removing images from the group, double-click VIEW again to return to the Group Name sub-menu.

   Once a value is set it will be remembered even after the unit is turned off then back on again.

Feature #3 "Pan & Zoom"   

Pan & Zoom Instructions:    "Turn on your Photo Wallet."

1-  To get in to Pan & Zoom:     In

Firmly hold down the middle VIEW button, while firmly double clicking either the top FWD button or the bottom Back button.

2-  To Pan & Zoom:     Around

Move the two crosshair lines to crisscross at the exact spot in the photo you want to zoom in on, by pressing the top FWD button to move right, or the bottom Back button to move up.   

Zoom in by single clicking the middle View button.  
Zoom out by double clicking the middle View button.
Single click Fwd button (or hold button down) = for Vertical crosshair to move right
Double click Fwd button  = for Vertical crosshair to jump left 1/4 of the screen

Single click View button = to Zoom in
Double click View button = to Zoom out

Single click Back button (or hold button down) = for Horizontal crosshair to move Up  
Double click Back button = for Horizontal crosshair to jump Down 1/4 of the screen
3-  To get out of Pan & Zoom:    Out

Firmly hold down the middle VIEW button, while firmly double clicking either the top FWD button or the bottom Back button.

Any questions, comments or problems please call (631) 254-0800, or email us at

Thank you.


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